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How to Submit Nominations for the 29th Annual Top 10 African American Males

The African American Male Top 10 Awards celebrate the achievements of 10 Greater Dayton Area African American Males who have contributed to the community through leadership and positive influence.

Since 1994, Parity Inc. has selected and recognized exceptional African American males in our community at the Top 10 African American Males Luncheon. Parity Inc.’s mission is to serve and advocate for socioeconomic equity within the African American Community through collaborations and partnerships. The Top 10 African American Male Luncheon aligns with this mission.

The purpose of this honor is to celebrate the accomplishments of African American males who stand tall as role models for the younger generation and the community. Since its inception, the honoree list has grown to over 280 African American males, continuing to serve as positive role models and men from all walks of life and professions.

Do you know of an African American male who has made tremendous contributions to their family, community, and/or profession(s)? If yes, Parity Inc. invites you to submit a nomination form by email. The nomination form is available on the Parity Inc. website at The list of honorees will be revealed in December 2022.

If chosen, the honoree will convene with other Top 10 African American males, and their guest, at the recognition ceremony held Thursday, February 16th, 2023, at Sinclair Community College. More details will become available as the event draws near.

At this time, nominations are open and welcomed. Parity Inc. appreciates your time in nominating someone worthy of this honor. Please feel free to forward the nomination form to others for submission on, or before, Wednesday, November 30th, 2022. Completed nominations may be returned via email (see nomination form for instructions). To ensure that nomination content is legible, please submit typed nominations only. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Questions about the event and the nomincations should be directed to Ms. Osley via phone at 937.818.2241 or email at

Dollars raised at this event also support programs such as Youth Development for Success and the Black Leadership Development Program. To learn more about these programs or Parity Inc., please visit


Parity Inc. has been in the forefront of the fight for diversity and equity in the Greater Dayton Area for more than three decades. During that time, our community has been faced with many different challenges, some of which threatened our very existence.

Our primary focus has been on the areas of Education, Health, Economic/Community Development, and Public Policy the loss of industry and jobs to the rebuilding of an educational system. We have addressed these issues at both the policy level and though grass roots initiatives.

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