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Young Ladies Aspiring Greatness (YLAG) Blessing House

By Alahna Reynolds, Young Ladies Aspiring Greatness Contributor

On August 27, 2022, with the permission of Omega Baptist Church, YLAG had the honor of presenting their “Blessing House” in a ribbon cut-ting ceremony at Omega Baptist Church’s Block Party. The blessing house is located on the Emerson side of the church. Kassidy Potter, YLAG member, states “We put together “YLAG’s Blessing House” to permanently serve the community around Omega Church. The house is important to showing our commitment in hopes of making a difference. Our goal is that it be a blessing to the many people and families in that area.” The little purple blessing house will remain stocked with food for families in the area (also contains baby food for those with infants/toddlers). With no criteria or questions asked, community members will be able to come and get whatever is needed from the blessing house.

YLAG thought this to be a good way to give back to the community and prevent hunger in the surrounding area. “The Blessing House is a blessing since Dayton has about a 33% population living in poverty. The food short-age is real. The Blessing House allows people to meet their needs with dignity.” states Former May-or Rhine McLin.

Community member, Kim Gresham, states “The YLAG Blessing House is just that, A BLESSING! Blessing the community with love, faithfulness, and service.” YLAG also invites those in the community who can contribute to the house. YLAG would like this to be a community effort. As Former Mayor Rhine McLin states, “It will be community taking care of community”. Keeping YLAG Blessing House full keeps the community full.

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