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Don’t Fuel the Fire

By: Geniyah Smith

To coincide with “Gun Violence Awareness Month”, on June 1, 2023 Young Ladies Aspiring Greatness (YLAG) launched their campaign against teen gun violence called “Don’t Fuel The Fire”. Billboards are placed strategically throughout Dayton with a PSA airing on cable networks throughout the month of June. Anika Vukasnovich, YLAG member, states “We chose to spread awareness against gun violence because we believe teens need to stick together in a world that constantly tries to divide us. Despite the dramatization we see in the media there are much better ways of conflict resolution to maintain peace within our communities & society.”

l to r: Kennedi Robinson, Anika Vukasnovich and Kassidy Potter

Gun violence seems to have become the norm. Society doesn’t seem surprised when hearing about another mass shooting. Most of the violence amongst teens are connected to rumors and instigation which unfortunately at times leads to gun violence with unnecessary death. Per Kassidy Potter, YLAG member, “Our campaign is vital to today’s youth because gun violence is leading cause of death of young people.

Through our message of “Don’t Fuel The Fire”, we want to bring awareness and reach the younger crowd.”

Kennedi Robinson adds, “ I’m very excited about this campaign. Gun violence is an extremely devasting and repetitive thing that happens in our society and we call all advocates for changes within our own community. I really hope our campaign inspires others to do the same.”


Y-LAG is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower and inspire young ladies of color to go beyond their perceived limitations and give them the tools needed to achieve greatness through community involvement.

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