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Dayton Area High Schools Welcomed by CSU Royal Court

On Sunday, February 5th, high school leaders from 12 area schools in the Dayton area were greeted by the Central State University Royal Court for the 2nd Annual Celebration of Excellence Royal Luncheon.

The event was held at the CSU Dayton Campus and featured great food, networking and words of encouragement from Daniella Dorsette, reigning Miss CSU from Nassau Bahamas. Her brief speech had three key points:

  1. Be authentic;

  2. College is what you make it; and

  3. Show kindness to everyone.

The high school students took great advantage of the opportunity to ask good questions about life on a college campus and how to stay focused. They completed vision boards and took turns sharing their goals for the future.

Reginald Young is a current high school senior at Dayton Early College Academy (DECA). “I really enjoyed the event. The best part of it for me was being able to talk to Mr. Sophomore, Myles Lacking, and get real answers to my questions about college life,” said Reginald.

Mr. Sophomore, Myles Lacking, addresses the students.

Myles was the 2021 valedictorian of Dunbar High School. He enjoys being a student leader at Central State and was honored to speak to students from his hometown. “Coming out of Dayton Public Schools I use to think that Central was too close to home and I wasn’t sure it would be a good fit for me. Now I am glad I made this choice. I am a member of the Honors College, track team and the Royal Court. The opportunities to grow as a student leader are great here. I want students in Dayton to know that whatever college they choose to attend, make sure they get involved early and stay focused,” Myles stated.

The organizers of the event, The Greater Dayton Alumni Chapter of CSU, consider the event to be a huge success and look to expand it next year to invite even more high school student leaders.

Greater Dayton Alumni Chapter of Central State University Leadership Team


The Greater Dayton Alumni Chapter of Central State University is a local affiliate of the Central State University National Alumni Association. We strive to engage local alumni in activities, events, and opportunities for networking and engagement. Through "service, protocol, and civility", we uplift and strengthen Central State's mission and long-term goals.

CSU alumni and supporters share a common vision for developing and sustaining our beloved university and demonstrating the continued value of its legacy. As we plan, Institutional Advancement will be at the forefront garnering the necessary monetary resources to ensure the long-term success of Central State University. Together, we will ensure that our alma mater thrives for years to come.

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