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Dayton Africana Elders Council Induct Marlon Shackleford Into Becoming an Elder

On Saturday, April 16, 2022, the Dayton Africana Elders Council, invited the community to the McClendon Institute. The purpose of this gathering was a rites of passage to induct Nation Builder Marlon Shackleford into becoming an Elder. The neighborhood reverberated from the sound of African drumming by McClendon Institutes’ very own Kuumba Drama Drum and Dance Company.

Baba Bing Davis, paid tribute to Ancestors of African descent ancient and recent ancestors including Marguret Peters. Elder, Mama Olabisi Olakolade informed and educated the audience, explaining the deep significance and function of each symbol on the Alter honoring the ancestors. She stated that “we created a sacred alter with living things (water, fresh fruit, vegtables, and pictures of his ancestral family and community leaders) to symbolize the legacy and work that we all carry forth to generations to come”. The Inductee was surrounded by his fellow Nation Builders and Warriors who presented him to Elders, Kuumba David Greer and Baba Boikai Twe, They introduced and presented the Inductee to the community.

Following the induction ceremony, a certificate was presented to him by Mama Nozipo. She also introduced the new Elder as Abiodun Marlon Shackleford. Afterward he stated that “Culture is our immune system and it’s the responsibility of the elders to strengthen and keep our immune systems stong. Elders must pass a lit torch, not artificial torch to nation builders etc… so they can run further than us! Operational unity, unify and uplift is our call to action”. Nation Buider Amaha Sellassie represented the Nation Builders and Warriors with their gift. The feast that followed was from donations collected by the Africana Village.

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