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Westside Makerspace Ribbon Cutting

After many months of planning, The Westside Makerspace has come to fruition. On Saturday, April 2nd a few hundred people turned out virtually and in person for the ribbon cutting celebration of Westside Makerspace located inside the West Dayton Branch of the Library at A300 Abbey Ave. In attendance were Dayton’s Mayor Jeffery Mims, Dayton Metro Library West Branch Manager Winnie Johnson, many involved in the Westside Makerspace project and community supporters.

This location is the pilot co-op founded by four Black engineers, three of which are from Dayton. A Makerspace is a community workshop with specific working areas. It’s a place where people in the community can go to learn, create, and collaborate. A place like the Westside Makerspace gives people in the Miami Valley a space to come and learn certain skills without having to invest in the expense of buying their own equipment.

Alvin Wilkerson said, “We have a lot of high tech and cutting-edge equipment in the form of laser cutters, 3 D printers, t-shirt, and mug presses, small vinal cutters, and a sewing station. We have an electronics bench for people to learn how to do small electronic repairs and projects.” Alvin continued, “Across the country there are some Makerspaces that have auto bays so that people can come and fix their own cars or even brewing equipment so that people can learn to brew beer. Hopefully, it will take shape and meet the needs of the West Dayton Community. We are hoping the community will get involved and give their input for what they would like to see.” We are hoping they will help develop the business and help define what a permanent makerspace looks like and what the community is looking for.”

Soon you will be able to purchase a priced annual membership to the Westside Makerspace. An annual membership will give you open access to space during normal business hours. (*restrictions may apply) For more information on upcoming events visit them on Facebook or online at


Written by: LaTonya Victoria

Photos and videos provided by: Westside Makerspace


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