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Woman-Owned Business Believes Caring for the Community Goes Beyond Health Care

Promoting health and wellness through prevention and education in their community is important to both Marquetta Colbert and her husband, Michael.

Michael and Marquetta Colbert

A lifelong resident of Dayton, Marquetta Colbert, MS, APRN, PMH-NP-BC, has been a family nurse practitioner for more than 23 years and currently operates practices in Trotwood and Harrison Township offering primary care and mental health services. While promoting health and wellness through prevention and education in their community is important to both her and her husband, Michael Colbert, the Montgomery County administrator, so is giving back their time and treasure. As she says, “It’s the right thing to do.”

“I have a passion for helping others and realize the importance of helping them where they are. When people get sicker, the whole area suffers, which leads to social issues, such as poverty and high crime rates,” said Colbert, who is a frequent speaker on health education and prevention topics, including breast cancer awareness. “This is why prevention, awareness and early detection are so important. However, I also believe giving back is equally important and helps the community long term.”

Part of their philosophy of caring for their community includes contributing to their scholarship fund through the African-American Community Fund of The Dayton Foundation. Established in 2018, the Marquetta D. Colbert/Colbert Family Health Scholarship Fund rewards a deserving Dayton Public School graduating senior each year with a $1,000 scholarship. The student must be accepted into an accredited nursing program at a community college, college or university and demonstrate financial need. The Colberts also make charitable distributions annually to nonprofit organizations of their choosing through the Colbert Family Health Fund, a free Charitable Checking Account. This fund option has no minimum balance, grant amount or fees.

“Scholarships are a great way to help our next generation. Thanks to the African-American Community Fund and The Dayton Foundation, we’re able to influence and provide a means for future nurses in our community who may not otherwise have the financial resources to go to college,” Colbert said. “Hopefully, our scholarship recipients will make an impact on someone else's life, just as I have been able to do throughout my career.”

Additionally, Colbert leads by example through organizing and implementing community screenings and health fairs, hosting a monthly informational radio program with local health experts, mentoring young women and more. Through her two primary care practices, she also has been instrumental in training advanced practice nurses to work in primary care and mental health fields.

“My hope for the future is to start seeing more changes occurring at the grassroots level, not just changes in policy but actual changes in our residents and in their health and awareness,” Colbert said. “I hope these funds through the Foundation will help make strides in changing our community for the better.”

To find how The Dayton Foundation and the African-American Community Fund can help your organization help others, call (937) 222-0410. You may also learn more at or by following the Foundation on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


Established in 1921, The Dayton Foundation is the largest grantmaker and leading community foundation in Greater Dayton, with more than 4,000 charitable funds exceeding $1 billion in assets. Since its founding, over $1.1 billion in grants have been awarded, with nearly $58 million awarded last fiscal year. For more information, visit


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