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Twentig, Incorporated Celebrates Founders Day

Mother Teresa once said, “Love cannot remain by itself — it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action and that action is service.” Ladies of Twentig, Incorporated continue to express love in action through their service to the Dayton community. Saturday, June 3, 2023, members of Twentig, Incorporated celebrated their Founders Day, 47 years of dedicated service to the Dayton community. The celebration was held at the Kohler Center, 4572 Presidential Way, Kettering, Ohio 45429.

Members of Twentig, Inc.

Twentig, Incorporated, Dayton Chapter, was founded in September 1976 by Alyce D. Lucas, Grace M. Williams, and a group of dynamic women. It was incorporated in March 1977. Initial civic efforts included aid to the Southwest Senior Citizens and awards to talented Dayton Public Schools’ students unable to purchase musical instruments. After 47 years they have continued to grow in their mission by serving the Dayton Community with purpose and dignity, effecting positive change, and added value to the quality of life for others.

President, Barbara Hudson Banner commented, “Community service is essential to being a responsible member of society and helps create a sense of belonging and connections with others in need. Our Twentig organization of Black sisterhood is an unshakeable bond of purposeful love for others. Our sisterhood allows us to make a positive difference in the community as we help foster a sense of belonging and purpose.” Ladies of Twentig believe that every single act of kindness performed radiates outward as a ripple in the brook of humanity.

Several members of Twentig, Inc. with guests.

A warm welcome was offered by Naomi Davis, Founders Day committee chairperson. Invocation was offered by Terrelia Ogletree, Chaplain and Historian. Jacqueline Wright presented the Twentig history followed by members and guests enjoying exhibits of past Twentig community service projects. Four members spoke about their impactful contributions to the community through their respective leadership roles. They were Veronica Bedell Nevels – President of the Presidents Club of Dayton, Donna Dixon, Scholarship Committee Co-chairperson for the Bing Davis Scholarship through the Dayton Foundation, Barbara Hudson Banner – Executive Director of Mercy Manor, and Charlotte Harris – Vice President, Board of Directors for the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company.

Audrey and Bing Davis, along with Vice President of Twentig, Inc., Carol Prewitt.

A sacred candlelight memorial service, litany for fallen Twentig angels, included the following roll call of names; Sarah Adams, Ruth Dudley, Francis Gaston, Cora Howard, Alyce Lucas –Founder, Brenda Robinson, Gail Rowe, Marguerite Walker, and Grace Williams – Founder. A special poem entitled “Love Lives On” was recited by Naomi Davis. Two members were recognized as the longest standing active members: Terreila Ogletree – 47 years (charter member) and Cheryl Johnson – 43 years. Everyone enjoyed a day of loving fellowship and delicious cuisine. Congratulations to the Founders Day committee members Naomi Davis, Chairperson, Linda Ford, Co-Chairperson, Marilyn Stepney, and Jacqueline Wright for a very successful Founders Day celebration.

Seated Terrelia Ogletree, 47 year member. Standing (L-R) Cheryl Johnson, 43 year member, and Barbara Hudson Banner, President.

Twentig, Incorporated supports organizations throughout the year as needs arise which included the following organizations for 2022: The Dakota Street Center After School Project, Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, The Norma J. Ross Memorial Foundation, Twentig, Incorporated-Willis “Bing” Davis Scholarship Fund, The Welcome Home Dayton Project, The YWCA Youth Swimming Program, Young Ladies Aspiring Greatness, and Mercy Manor, Inc.

The ladies of Twentig will be hosting their annual fundraiser Saturday, September 23, 2023, at the Kohler Center from 5:30PM to 9:30PM. The theme is “Back to Soul in the Country with Twentig”. Donation is $60.00 per person. To obtain tickets you may contact Carol Prewitt, Vice President, and Fundraiser Chairperson at 937-2371639. If you can’t make the event and would like to make a donation, you may do so by mailing a check remitted to Twentig, Incorporated to the following address:

Twentig, Inc.

Attn: Charlotte Harris.

P.O. Box 514

Dayton, OH 45401-0514

Last year everyone enjoyed an evening filled with good food, fun, music by DJ Stan the Man and more. Get your tickets early. They are going fast. The ladies of Twentig would like to thank everyone for their past support in helping Twentig reach their community service goals.


Photos by: Kenny Wilkinson

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