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Spotlight on Dayton Photographers’ Exhibition

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

L to R: Reverend Daryl Ward, Stephon, Reverend Joshua D. Ward, Viveca J. McDonald, Paul ‘Hitch’ Lyons, Kenny Wilkinson, Rehema Watenza, Joey D. Williams, Debora Hurst, Willis ‘Bing’ Davis, Lynn Gray, Jeff North, Onita Morgan-Edwards, and Mohamed Ahmed.

By Gregory Changa Freeman

The Parallax photographers’ Group (PPG) is elated to have the show of support from community leaders. Notable artists Willis ‘Bing’ Davis offered inspiring words for the photographers during the preparations for their upcoming Group Exhibition, A Look at Dayton: Contemporary Scenes of Life, that opens Friday, December 1 through Sunday, December 3 at the Edward A. Dixon Gallery, 222 N. St Clair Street in Downtown Dayton. Also, sharing enthusiastic support for this groundbreaking exhibition were the Reverend Daryl Ward, Reverend Joshua D. Ward, and restaurateur Joey D. Williams.

The PARALLAX PHOTOGRAPHERS GROUP (PPG) formed in May 2023, when Kenny Wilkinson, a digital photographer expressed the desire to assemble a photography group based in Dayton, Ohio. Thereafter, in June 2023, Miami Valley photographers convened at Central State University West Campus. Amateur, Intermediate, and Professional Photographers came together to meet, network, and collaborate. The gathering was facilitated by African American Visual Artists Guild, Inc. (AAVAG). The attendees discussed avenues to foster support for area photographers to network and develop their skills within the craft. At the second meeting participants adopted the name of PARALLAX PHOTOGRAPHERS GROUP (PPG).

A Look at Dayton: Contemporary Scenes of Life, is the first public exhibition from Parallax Photographers’ Group (PPG) featuring many local photographers living in the region. They were tasked with capturing elements of life in the Miami Valley. The lens of the cameras viewed by an eclectic group of photographers presents some distinctly individual perspectives. What emerged from this challenge is an iconic array of attractions, locations, and stories recognizing the Dayton Region as a diverse place to explore a wealth of culture, innovation, and beauty.

The PARALLAX PHOTOGRAPHERS GROUP (PPG) meetings are held monthly, the third Sunday of each month from 3:00p to 5:00p at 840 Germantown Street, Dayton, Ohio on the CSU West campus.

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