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Premier African American Arts Organization Hires new Executive Director

The Dayton Contemporary Dance Company Board of Directors has named Phyllis Brzozowska as their new Executive Director. Ms. Brzozowska, was recently brought on as interim replacement for retiring CEO RoNita Hawes-Saunders.

Phyllis Brzozowska

Phyllis BrzozowskaA national search firm was simultaneously engaged to locate candidates for the position. However, after 5 months on the job as interim Ms. Brzozowska decided to throw her hat into the ring. The board, seeing that all requirements for the position were being met by the interim, discontinued the search and offered Ms. Brzozowska the position of Executive Director, an offer she most graciously accepted. This decision was made even easier due to the fact that Ms. Brzozowska has 4 decades of arts management. This included founding Artistic Director of CITYFOLK and a prior stint as Executive Director of DCDC. She also brings years of passion for dance, evident in her work for DCDC, Luna Negra Dance Theatre in Chicago, and numerous other dance companies during her tenure at CITYFOLK, most prominently with Rhythm in Shoes. When she was hired 23 years ago as Executive Director, Ms. Brzozowska provided staff leadership that resulted in a turnaround for DCDC and she is uniquely and ideally suited to do it again. In her time as interim she has developed a strong, trusting rapport with the current artistic and administrative staff. Ms. Brzozowska is a seasoned fundraiser with considerable skills in marketing, and financial management. Her knowledge of touring will steer the company back into this profitable arena that was a significant revenue stream in the past.

Artistic Director Debbie Blunden-Diggs says: “I am extremely excited to be in this co- leadership model with Phyllis. Having her step back into the space with her knowledge of the dance sector and her intimate knowledge of DCDC is exactly what we need to launch us into our 55th season. ”Acting Board Chair Charlotte Harris states, “we are pleased to formally select interim Executive Director Phyllis Brzozowska as the new Executive Director”.

DCDC was founded in 1968 to create performance opportunities for African American dancers. Fifty-five years later, it remains rooted in the African American experience, committed to the development of diverse movement artists on the global stage. DCDC is known for its extraordinary artistic expression, precision, and athleticism. Having the world’s largest repertoire of classic works by African American choreographers, this Dayton, Ohio company continues to be celebrated at home and around the world.

For Additional Information, Contact: Kevin Ward, Senior Artistic Associate 937.228.3232 kevin@


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