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Profile: Scott Sliver

Candidate for Dayton City Commission

Where are you from? If Dayton, be neighborhood-specific.

I live at W. 2nd and Euclid Ave. (our house faces the back of Mt. Enon Church.) Wolf Creek neighborhood.

What is your educational and professional background?

I have a Visual Communication degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I have an extensive background in advertising and marketing, including a stint in New York City. I also owned my own ad agency for 6 years. (I had the Kings Island account.) I also worked on Merrill Lynch, Holiday Inn, Inland, Delco and NCR, Huntington Bank and Gem Savings. My current occupation is Sr. Assoc. Pastor at Dayton Vineyard Church. 25 years. I also operate a mobile food pantry providing groceries to nearly 1,000 households monthly for over ten years.

Have you held any other political offices? If so, what positions?

No, but I did run for City Commission one other time, six years ago.

If elected what will be your top priority?

Recovery from the budget crisis due to the pandemic. The city had to cut its budget 15-20% across the board—$18 million due to loss of revenue. It will take time to recover from that loss, but we have to continue providing the same quality essential services to our community. Every citizen and neighborhood should benefit from the (pending) $147 million in federal dollars (The American Rescue Plan.) The Mayor and City Commission must take a thoughtful approach when allocating those dollars. I will push for every neighborhood to get a slice of that pie.

As a long-standing member of the Human Relation Council’s Community Police Council, we proposed numerous reforms, programs, and policy changes that were never considered. The good news is that now there are 135 recommendations submitted, with 83 of those accepted and 45 are outstanding within the 30-day response window. As a City Commissioner, I will fight to ensure that all recommendations are implemented and fully funded.

Many citizens are concerned that the HRC’s budget was also cut during these turbulent times. No one wants to see the HRC fully funded more than I do—given the staff and resources to carry out its mission. (“To keep peace, order and harmony among the residents and visitors of Dayton, Ohio. The HRC promotes peace, goodwill, harmony and works to ensure equal treatment and opportunity for all.”)

Why should people cast their vote for you?

My fifteen-year career in advertising and marketing sets me apart, having operated my own ad agency for six years. Also, my experience over 25 years in caring for people as a pastor, and I’ve run a mobile food pantry for more than ten years providing groceries to nearly 1,000 households monthly. I’ve been doing public speaking for three decades, and I have built the relationships and have the connections necessary to get the job done. I have a proven track record, and people want to work with me. I am endorsed by the Montgomery County Democratic Party, the Dayton-Miami Valley AFL-CIO.

What local charitable organizations do you support?

  • The Dayton Unit NAACP

  • West Dayton Strong (resources)

  • I Love West Dayton (clean-ups)

  • The Dream Bigg Foundation

  • Fudge Foundation

  • Dayton Vineyard Church

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