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Dayton Weekly News Hosts Forums for Dayton Candidates

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Online forums for Dayton Commission and Mayor candidates - April 27th and 28th.


This year, there are 7 certified candidates for the Dayton City Commission, but there are only 2 seats available. There are 3 candidates for Dayton Mayor. There will be a primary election on May 4th. The Dayton Weekly News wants you to be an engaged voter that has heard from the candidates on the issues that matter.

We requested questions from our readers and solicited feedback about the format. Based on the responses, we changed from a live stream to recorded interviews and are making these videos available to you beginning today.

Click on the candidate video below to view the interviews, or view candidate profiles and access campaign related links at


Candidates for Mayor

Rennes Bowers

Gary Leitzel

Jeffrey Mims


Candidates for Commission

Scott Sliver

Darryl Fairchild

Shenise Turner-Sloss

Jared Grandy

Stacy Benson-Taylor

Valerie Duncan

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