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Profile: Jared Grandy

Candidate for Dayton City Commission

Where are you from? If Dayton, be neighborhood-specific.

I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. I grew up in the Fairview and Southern Dayton View neighborhoods. I currently live in Northern Hills.

What is your educational and professional background?

I have a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati and a Juris Doctor (law degree) from Northern Kentucky University School of Law. When I returned to Dayton, I worked for the Miami Valley Urban League as a youth counselor and job developer. Afterwards, served at the Dayton Human Relations Council as the Community-Police Relations.

Have you held any other political offices? If so, what positions?


If elected what will be your top priority?

Addressing the looming budget deficit caused by the pandemic. Our challenge will be to address the immediate needs created by this crisis while also investing in projects that will pay dividends for years to come. We can create jobs while addressing urgent community issues. For example, we can create jobs and give our kids a safe place to go after school by building more recreation centers. Or we can invest in green infrastructure, also creating jobs and saving the city millions in energy costs. As we weather this crisis, we must still think about what we will leave the next generation.

Why should people cast their vote for you?

The people should vote for me because I will work to put the power back where it belongs and that is with the people. I am running to build a pipeline between local government and Dayton residents. I will work to develop community power centers that value community input and implement policies that benefit Dayton neighborhoods. Further, I am the candidate that residents can trust to always make decisions that reflect their values.

What local charitable organizations do you support?

  • I am an executive board member of the House of Bread, as well as

  • The Wesley Community Center.

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