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New Year’s Resolution

Updated: Jul 31, 2022 this week's Word on the Street!

In a few weeks, the clock will strike midnight and the world will ring in a brand-new year. A new year brings an opportunity for a fresh outlook, a little introspection, and for some, a lot of wishful thinking. According to three of the top four New Year’s Resolutions involve losing weight or improving our diet and fitness level. Statistics show that more people break their resolutions than keep them. Some sources quote that it is as low as 7%. I spoke with several people in the Miami Valley and asked them about their New Year’s Resolutions. I received the following responses:

Lena Fields Arnold who is an author and lives in the Miami Valley said, “My New Year’s Resolution is to not make a New Year’s Resolution. Every time I make a resolution I fail. But when I make a commitment to myself, I succeed. I know it sounds weird and it seems like it should be the same thing. But not for me. I usually make a resolution because I’m expected to make a resolution. But I do not really have any passion behind it. But when I make a commitment to myself like when I committed to finish Grad School. That’s why my resolution is to not make a resolution.”

Remell Jennings who is an Insurance Agent with People Helping People (PHP) replied, “My New Year’s Resolution is to help Black America understand that we can gain wealth through Insurance. If you know the right company. If you want help PHP is the way to go.”

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