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Men’s Day 2023 at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church

Men at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church

November is always a very special day for many since they are able to celebrate Thanksgiving Day and visit friends and family. For the members and friends of St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church, November is blessed with another welcomed celebration. On the third Sunday in November, there is another special occasion. It is a day to honor - “Men’s Day.”

At this special service, the men of the church provide not only the reading of the spiritual lessons, but also the music. Known as the “Brotherhood of St. Andrew,” this ministry of the Episcopal Church, was founded on November 30, 1883 at St. James’ Episcopal Church located in downtown Chicago. It has now become the oldest ministry of the Episcopal Church.

There were homeless men sleeping on the city’s downtown street in Chicago and the Brotherhood ministry found that these men would be the catalyst for the organization of men and youth to be saved.

Today, the Brotherhood of St. Andrew is a worldwide ministry with chapters in Africa, Japan, the Philippines, Great Britain, Canada, Haiti and the United States. This organization has performed countless numbers of ministries which include building and operating a medical mission ship that is sponsoring homes for women and children in need and also become not only a missionary, but an evangelism ministry of the Episcopal Church.

This year’s Men’s Day for St. Margaret’s began with the Men’s Day Chorus opening the service with the singing “Rise Up, O Men of God,” followed by the singing the Processional Hymn entitled “In the Beauty of Holiness,”

Following the opening of “The Word of God” and special prayers, Mr. Raymond Lucas, Director of the Brotherhood, provided a very special welcome, followed by Mr. Jim Bolden providing the First Lesson and Psalm taken from, Judges 4:17 and the Responsive reading from Psalm 123.

Mr. Bob Bass then provided the second lesson taken from 4 Thessalonians 5:1-11. A hymn entitled “Standing in the Need of Prayer was provided. Following this hymn, The Gospel from Matthew 23:14-30 was provided by the Rev. Dr. Benjamin Speare-Hardy, Rector of St. Margaret’s

Guest speaker, Mr. Michael Carter

At the conclusion of this reading, the introduction of the Speaker was made by Brian Martin, Executive Director of the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission as well as a member of St. Margaret’s. This year, Mr. Michael Carter, Senior Adviser to the President and Chief Diversity Officer for Sinclair Community College served as Men’s Day Speaker – 2023. His message entitled “Resistance and the Godliness of Resistance” included many examples of resistance through the years – dating back to 1925. Throughout his message, Mr. Carter presented several examples of the resistance performed by Isacc Newton, Rosa B. Wells, Henry Johnson and Mohammed Ali’s refusal to enter the Army. Each of these examples demonstrated the importance of being on the right side of history and the existence of the challenges we face today.

Special Honors are always a part of all Men’s Day Services. Each of the honorees received a plaque honoring their role in the church. The Outstanding men a part of the Brotherhood for this year is Mr. Jeff Brunson, Mr. Ronald Ogletree and James Michael Thompson Baker a fifteen-year old student from West Carrolton High School and a well-known member of the Varsity Football Team known as “The Pirates.”

This special part of Men’s Day is one appreciated by all.

The Service continued with the serving of Communion, the Recessional and the Benediction Response of “God Be with You Until We meet Again” by the Men’s Chorus.

Following the service, Ms. Agnes George, Bronce McDonald and Ms. Lisa Emory prepared coffee hour delicacies in the parish hall that were enjoyed my all.

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