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Why Wealthy Wednesdays?

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

An interview by the Greatness Coach, Chris Johnson

Chu Oparah recently had the opportunity to speak with Chris Johnson on his podcast, The Greatness Coach. Chu shares his inspiration behind the Weekly Wednesday posts, and a little more.

Christopher A. Johnson Sr has served as the founder and senior pastor of Zion Christian Ministries International, Inc. for 14 years and has birthed many other ministries as pastor. He is the team Chaplin for the MTSU football team, and he is also the owner of The Greatness Coach LLC. located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

He is the visionary for Marriage Camp, The Church Plus Series, and Developer of the 3T Leader. He has authored four books; The Three T’s of Ministry, ManMade Men, A Life of Boundaries, and Pastor Plus.

Christopher A. Johnson is a motivator, mentor, and minister. His impact is felt by people both young and old. Learn more or connect with his many activities at

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