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Spirit of Giving - High school sophomore plans surprise for senior living facility

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

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“I just thought of a great idea one day. I was like hmmm, I have Golden Age Karate, It's Christmas time coming up. Let's spread some cheer,” said Jeffrey Wall, the organizer of a Christmas gift giveaway.

Christmas time is all about the spirit of giving, and a sophomore at Chaminade Julienne High School, made sure that dozens of residents at a senior living facility, got a taste of that holiday cheer.

“If everybody would do what he does it would be a wonderful world to live in,” said Brenda McGraw, a resident at Mad River Manor. “They helped me get to where i am so now it’s my now my turn to give back,” said Jeffrey.

And it all started, with a karate class.

“When I got my black belt I decided I wanted to help out others so I was like, who doesn't get a lot of love and attention? And I said the independent living facilities and nursing homes. So it just blew up from there,” said Jeffrey.

The class is called Golden Age Karate, and Jeffrey Wall holds it for the for the seniors at Mad River Manor.

“I’m trying to get my kick move so I can jump up a little more but I enjoy it. Everybody should learn how to do self-defense. You don’t know who’s going to come up behind you and karate chop,” said McGraw with a laugh.

With every punch, kick, and karate chop, Jeffrey got closer to the residents there. So when the holidays rolled around, he planned a surprise gift giveaway. But, it’s not easy for a high school student to find enough presents to give to an entire living facility. So, he asked Instagram for help.

“The Instagram followers help me by giving me local businesses to get things from like minority businesses, any businesses like that, and they also sent me gifts. So those were very helpful. I got some blankets, some massagers for their feet, all kinds of things. We got a s’more maker, which I kind of wanted for myself, but since I was in a giving mood I decided to let the seniors have it,” said Jeffrey

Along with all that, there were a few personal presents too.

“When I got back to my apartment I cried because those flowers really touched my heart. Being a cancer survivor, it really touched me knowing that someone thought enough about being give me some flowers,” said McGraw

Jeffrey says, he’s just getting started. With both the giveaways, and his karate classes

“It just warms my heart to know that I'm making the world a better place. Seeing them smile just makes me all happy inside,” said Jeffrey

“I hope he goes farther into the future in teaching everybody how to do karate because that's a nice thing. I enjoy it,” said Linda Harden, another one of Jeffrey’s students.

Even though, there are some moves that the seniors are still working to perfect.

“I can't jump into the air like he can. I can't do that. He jumps up into the air and I'm like ‘Oh Lord’” said Linda with a laugh.

(Source: DAYTON, Ohio (WRGT/WKEF) -- by Andre Johnson, Jr)

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