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Social Injustice 7 on 7 More than Just Football

NFL Legend Ickey Woods (L), Centerville Coach Aubrhee Woods and Son (M), and Deon Cash (Dayton Weekly News)

This week kicked off the Social Injustice 7 on 7 Football Showcase, as over 45 high school teams traveled from as far as Detroit to the Miami Valley to be apart of the annual event.

The event, which was started by coaching legends Jim Place and Al Powell and with the help of people like John Fantauzzo, Marc DeWitt, & others, have made this a must stop for high school teams all across the state and in other states as well.

With the likes of Ickey Woods (Bengals legend), Ronald Todd II (House Rep), and others speaking passionately to the kids, the event took on a different vibe.

And here’s the topper: Brandon McKinney, who now owns his own BBQ Business, was in full force with great food for all to enjoy.

McKinney was a legend at Chaminade-Julienne before starring at Michigan State and forging a very good career in the NFL with Baltimore, San Diego and Indianapolis.

“Were very happy to see how successful the event has become in the Miami Valley.” Coach Jim Place said.

The 7 on 7 hosted a luncheon recently with a variety of guest speakers to join the coaches and players. With the emphasis on social justice, equality, and other topics that are important to the positive development of the next generation of student athletes, this event is here to stay.

The luncheon was held at Sinclair Community College and featured over 400 people at the luncheon.

With teams from Lima, Cincinnati, Columbus, and even Detroit coming, the event is becoming a bigger and bigger attraction every year. For more information follow us at: @ SELive365 and @ DaytonWeek

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