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Profile: Shenise Turner-Sloss

Candidate for Dayton City Commission

Where are you from? If Dayton, be neighborhood-specific.

I am from the Residence Park neighborhood in southwest Dayton and currently reside in

Southern Dayton View.

What is your educational and professional background?

I hold a B.A in Political Science, M.A in General/Public Administration, certifications in city housing and community development, and over 15 years of experience in local and federal government. I co-founded Neighborhoods Over Politics (NOP), a training and advocacy non-profit that is dedicated to raising citizen participation and revitalizing neighborhoods. I am currently a Logistics Management Specialist with Wright Patterson Air Force Base. I previously

worked with the City of Dayton in the Department of Planning and Community Development as a Senior Community Development Specialist.

Have you held any other political offices? If so, what positions?

I have not held any political office.

If elected what will be your top priority?

Given that the City of Dayton is slated to receive $147 million in federal aid, I will insure the

funds are distributed in an equitable manner. I want the recently cut budgets of the Human Relations Council and the Department of Recreation and Youth Services to be restored and increased. More programs need to be put in place that will increase youth opportunities and well-being such as summer work programs and recreational activities that work to develop leadership and decrease criminal mischief. I want funds directed back into the neighborhoods that had monies misappropriated previously. Lastly, I would like to see money delegated to funding programs that work to lessen evictions and also work towards transitioning renters into responsible homeowners. The economic well-being and sustainability of a city is directly correlated to the health and well-being of its residents.

There are many pressing issues for a city that was recently named “one of the most impoverished cities in America” in September 2020. One major issue that we are facing in our city is the dilapidated condition of our neighborhoods. The lack of services and disinvestment that our residential neighborhoods have experienced over the past 10 years has caused a negative economic impact in our communities. As Commissioner, I will make our neighborhoods and its residents a priority. I will continue to build on the fabrics that make Dayton a great place to live, work, and play by fostering the resilience and perseverance of Dayton residents. As Commissioner, I will make a deliberate effort to address community concerns through intentional leadership with a vision for all of Dayton. My strategy for accomplishing this will be: Block #1) building our neighborhoods one block at a time; Block #2) aggressively removing abandoned housing; Block #3) attracting businesses; Block #4) creating & retaining jobs; and Block #5) making residents a priority.

One challenge that our city must overcome is the lack of thriving businesses throughout our neighborhoods. Over the years, our communities have endured the departure of major corporations, retailers, and local businesses. Dayton residents are forced to patronize other municipalities due to the lack of services and amenities within the city. This only contributes to the cycle of disinvestment in our local economy. As Commissioner, I will collaborate with local businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors to create new job opportunities that will stimulate the local economy. In addition, I will create partnerships with business-owners to help expand their opportunities and strategic development for growth, planning, and sustainability in the city.

It is not just local businesses that need support, neighborhood organizations require support to add value in the revitalization and sustainability of our communities. Dayton has many organizations with great visions and intentions; however, they lack the capital, resources, or connections that will aid in the advancement of their cause. I will continue my commitment to rebuild our communities “Block by Block”, and dedicate myself to increasing neighborhood capacity and restructuring policies to support grassroots initiatives. I will always represent and promote a sense of pride and accountability within our neighborhoods by working directly with residents and stakeholders to streamline the ability to acquire property, develop land, and maintain a clean and safe environment.

Why should people cast their vote for you?

I am a servant leader who represents the will of the people. Many candidates pursuing many

offices like to claim they have residents’ best interests in mind. However, their actions rarely

match their words. My track record for the past 15 years has proven that my words are not empty promises to gain support or recognition. The development of Neighborhoods Over Politics (NOP) further solidifies that my actions far exceed my words of prioritizing residents and the neighborhoods they reside in.

What local charitable organizations do you support?

  • Mt. Enon Community Development Corporation (CDC)

  • Sunlight Village

  • So Loved

  • East End Community Services

  • Racial Justice NOW!

  • Dayton Anti-Racist Network (DARN)

  • Black Lives Matter Dayton

  • Black Lives Matter Miami Valley

  • Young Ladies Aspiring Greatness (YLAG)

  • Ohio Families Unite Against Police Brutality (OFUAPB)

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