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Profile: Rennes Bowers

Candidate for Dayton Mayor

Where are you from? If Dayton, be neighborhood-specific.

I am not a politician; I am a retired firefighter, a father, a husband, a grandpa, and a man of faith. I have lived in Dayton for over 40 years, and when the City eliminated the residency requirement, my wife, Julie, and I stayed in the City. We live in the DeWeese-Ridgecrest neighborhood.

What is your educational and professional background?

I was a member of the Dayton Fire Department for 30 years. I started as firefighter and advanced through the ranks retiring as a Deputy Chief.

Have you held any other political offices? If so, what positions?

I am not a politician. I am a retired firefighter, father, husband, grandfather and a man of faith. I have never held elected office.

If elected what will be your top priority?

As Mayor, I will build an administration on collaboration. The chamber and the churches. The restaurants and the renovators. We are a City of tremendous talent and my top priority will be bringing all of these stakeholders together to address some of our biggest challenges. One of the first challenges will be restoring our police and fire departments to full capacity and those individuals developing relationships in the neighborhoods they serve. Our residents deserve a safe and vibrant community.

Why should people cast their vote for you?

I am the only Mayoral candidate on the ballot that has not held a leadership position at City Hall. Our community needs a new vision and I have developed a Bold Solutions plan to get the process started.

  1. Focused Attention on Police & Fire;

  2. Clean up yards, streets and alleys;

  3. Aggressively target abandoned homes;

  4. Stimulate small business growth; and

  5. Extreme transparency within City Hall.

What local charitable organizations do you support?

  • Apex Community Church

  • Soulwinners Ministry

  • Declare Dayton

  • 2 Stars Over India (our India mission)

  • Alzheimer’s Association

  • Children’s Hospital

  • and various others as opportunity presents itself

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