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New Subscription Plans Announced

Introducing free digital and group pricing plans!

Since 1993, the generous support of loyal subscribers, advertisers, and community stakeholders, has powered The Dayton Weekly News to provide positive news and valuable information to Dayton's African American community. We are not your typical newspaper. We strive to inspire others and change the narrative about “us”, while sharing information and insight about the black experience. We are excited to build on the legacy of Founder and Publisher Emeritus, Don G. Black, as we introduce content from local contributors and host events that uplift and build our community. We hope to be a platform for the creators, movers, and leaders amongst us to connect with the masses. We hope to facilitate meaningful dialogue, empower our readers, celebrate our successes and in the process, strengthen our community.

These are tough times for all, and we acknowledge that the antiquated, subscription based model is an impediment to our ability to deliver the news to you. This summer, we are introducing simplified pricing plans, which better reflect our position as community newspaper with a mission to bring down barriers... like the cost of accessing your local news.

Beginning August 10, 2021, your Dayton Weekly News will offer a free subscription to the digital copy. Recent digital subscribers may request prorated refunds from the date of the new offer to the end of their current paid subscription. Upon renewal, they will transition to the free digital subscription plan.

Your Dayton Weekly News will continue to offer print copies by mail to those that prefer to receive the news by mail. Readers that choose this plan will receive the digital copy for free but will need to cover the cost of printing and deliver by US Mail. Current readers that are print only subscribers will need to update their records to include an email address to receive the free digital copy.

Lastly, we are offering group/bulk pricing for delivery to a single location. Organizations, churches, and businesses that would like to have copies available for members and patrons may request a set number of print copies to be delivered each week to a single address for distribution. This option can be customized to meet your needs. If you would like to make copies available at your location, contact us for details.

We want to hear your opinions too! Let us know what you want to see, how we're doing, or simply what is needed to make the Dayton Weekly News your "go to" for community news and information. We invite you to patiently grow with us, as we continue updates to our brand across social platforms, revise our website, and refresh the look and feel of the print edition. A new look, more relevant content, and more opportunities to engage with others... Let's build our community. Together, we change the narrative!

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