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Looking Back and Moving Forward: Dayton Weekly News 30th Anniversary

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

For the past thirty years, the Dayton Weekly News has had the privilege of delivering news and information to Dayton’s African-American community. My father, Don Black, had a dream. His dream was to present the African-American experience in a more positive light. He believed in supporting Black culture, Black people, and especially Black media. He wanted to make sure that our community understood the importance of using the Dayton Weekly News as a vehicle for celebrating achievements, traditions, and innovations within the Black community, helping to maintain our culture and heritage. We have tried to make sure that our news does not mirror the news that you would read in mainstream newspapers. It has always been our charge to report the news from the Black perspective. Celebrating our victories, mourning our losses, and combating the often harmful stereotypes that mainstream media often perpetuated about the Black community. There has always been bias in reporting and we wanted to make sure that our story was told from our perspective. A diverse media ensures a variety of perspectives. And that has always been our mission. To provide a different perspective to our readers.

We have tried to serve as a source of inspiration and empowerment for individuals within the Black community. Reporting on the positive role models and success stories within our community has given us the greatest joy. As we move into 2024 we will continue to promote diversity, inclusion, and equity in the media landscape. We want to continue to create a more representative and real portrait of the world, promote economic empowerment, and contribute to our rich culture. We can not do it without your support. As the landscape of the way in which people receive their news and information changes, we will do all that we can to continue to deliver news to you in a way that meets your needs. I’d like to thank the dedicated contributors to the Dayton Weekly News over the past thirty years. A special thanks to Brenda Coleman and Brenda Cochran for their friendship and many years of dedicated service to the newspaper. I would also like to thank Ras Calhoun, Deon Cash, Denise Martin, and RoShawn Winburn for their individual and collective support. Without these fine citizens, we could not publish each week. As always it is our goal to continue to provide our readers with quality news and information that adds to the great tapestry that is the African American experience. Donerik G. Black Publisher

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