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Learn How to Position Your Business for Funding on June 6 and June 13

Join us for an enriching two-part event designed to empower cooperative entrepreneurs with essential financial insights and tools for success.

On June 6th, attend "Capital Access" facilitated by Lela Klein. This session will tap into the diverse options available for investment capital to start or expand a enterprise using the cooperative business model. Participants will explore how to leverage philanthropy to create economically sustainable businesses that resonate with community needs. The workshop will also cover the intricacies of debt and equity investments, providing a clear understanding of what is required to secure each type of funding.

On June 13th, "Creating Your Financial Narrative" led by Cherrelle Gardner will take place. This workshop focuses on crafting a compelling story about how capital will propel your business towards its goals. Participants will be guided to identify their breakeven point, the resources necessary to achieve it, and strategies for effectively using these resources to reach financial stability. Businesses of all types are welcome to attend.

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