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Jeraldyne Blunden US Postage Stamp

Help Make it Happen!

Jeraldyne Blunden (1940–1999) was the founder and artistic director of the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company. She left a permanent mark on the field of contemporary dance by founding the oldest modern dance company in Ohio and inspiring generations of choreographers, teachers and dancers. Her company, Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, has grown to be one of the largest companies of its kind in the nation, and proudly holds the largest repository of modern dance works,

both classic and contemporary, by African-American choreographers in the world.

The company Jeraldyne Blunden created continues to reach over 10,000 audiences annually in national, and international touring, and online platforms, and serves over 25,000 students, k-12 and beyond, through its educational programming. Imagine a book of US postage stamps with her image in her honor!

DAG is excited to announce an opportunity for you to join a letter-writing campaign to honor DCDC Founder Jeraldyne Blunden on a U.S. postage stamp. Download a sample of the letter in support of the Jeraldyne Blunden US Postage Stamp. You may use as is, or you may personalize by adding your own thoughts, embellishments, and/or life-changing events, to the body of the letter.

Click to download and sign your copy of the letter. Mail the completed letter to DCDC, 840 Germantown St., Dayton, OH 45402.

You're invited to share this appeal with your friends and family, requesting they download then mail, as well. Let's flood the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee with thousands of letters of recommendation.

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