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How Black Professionals and Businesses Can Navigate the Job Market, Per the Experts

By Nate Dillard, Elevate Dayton

The big picture: Despite the economy's volatility and layoffs, 93% of Black and Latino employees are optimistic about their employment prospects. According to experts, businesses should diversify their senior leadership in order to shift their emphasis from recruitment to retention, reports The Plug.

What's next: To recruit and keep Black talent, businesses must make investments in employee resource groups, people managers, and professional growth. In order to balance increased pay bands for diverse tech talent, alternative hiring models like short-term contracts and remote work may be used.

Between the lines: Due to competitive pay, a lack of career advancement, and a desire for transparency in DEI initiatives, black professionals are leaving their present positions. Focusing on skill development and networking, they view their current positions as stepping stones toward more ambitious professional objectives.

By the numbers: Black professionals won't achieve talent parity at all levels in the private sector for 95 years, according to McKinsey. Teams with diverse leadership perform better monetarily and in terms of hiring new employees.

The community angle: The importance of businesses supporting efforts promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion for BIPOC and underserved communities of color in Dayton, Ohio is highlighted by this narrative. By establishing inclusive cultures and diversifying their leadership, businesses may better promote and retain local talent, which supports a more equal job market in the region.

This article originally appeared on Elevate Dayton and republished through its partnership with the Dayton Weekly News.

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