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Dayton Business Tech High School Introduces Health Services to Expand Career Pathways in School Year

Most adults realize that knowledge and skill development require time and sacrifice. Ask teachers, preachers, lawyers, and health care professionals to confirm this statement.

For the first two weeks of July, students at the Dayton Business Tech High School (DBTHS) were invited to return to the charter high, 348 W. First Street, to embark on a new learning opportunity, a gift of new skills which could lead to employment opportunities. Nine teen- age students enrolled, and nine students successfully completed all requirements to become a certified “Phlebotomist.”

These nine students worked individually and collectively under the direct guidance of Nicole Watts, Air Force veteran and certified professional, to teach CPR and other certifiable courses. “The primary duty for the phlebotomist is the collection of blood samples via venipuncture or micro techniques, including collection for blood donations, transfusions, and/or research.” First, they learned job duties and responsibilities; second, the work environment; and third, safety considerations. As the students listened and practiced technique, they gained proficiency in the handling of a specimen.

They relied on the experience of Mrs. Watts to make each of the ten-day experiences a valuable opportunity to become prepared for the National Certification exam.

Day nine was exam day and yes, each of the nine were present to take and complete the exam successfully. All nine left the school, head held high. They left that day with the invitation to return on day ten to celebrate with family; CEO of the school, Mrs. Lisa Minor; School Board members Anna McGuire Davis, PhD. and Samuel Seay, and Melvin Williams, Dean of Students. Thanks to Mr. Williams for the variety of photos as they were praised and honored.

Mrs. Minor began the informal program with greetings to the guests and an invitation to enjoy the variety of food selections. Handshakes and school certificates were presented. The National Certifications will be on display when they arrive. Mrs. Minor also announced that this course and the STNA course will be offered to students in the fall in a newly designated area of the building. Therefore, the fall semester will include Health Sciences, Business Technology, and remedial and computer guided curriculum.

For those parents and students interested in enrollment at DBTHS for the fall, a packet of information is available online or by appointment, 937-225-3989, ext., 1000. Locally on the RTA bus line, it is open from 8:00 to 3:00 pm, lunch is served. There is also a 22-plus program for adult learners.

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