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ADAMHS Launches New LocalHelpNow Web App

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, OH – Montgomery County ADAMHS has launched a new version of LocalHelpNow to help put mental health treatment, services, and support in the hands of those who need them.

“We are so pleased to share this updated version of LocalHelpNow with our community. Resources for individuals seeking mental health support are now just a click away. LocalHelpNow is searchable by services and geographic locations, so it’s easy to find help close to home,” said Helen Jones-Kelley, Executive Director of ADAMHS.

In addition to treatment providers for substance use or co-occurring mental health needs, LocalHelpNow also provides resources for food, legal services, and employment support.

“It’s important we take a whole-person approach to improving mental health. When an individual is on a treatment journey, they often have other needs around social determinants of health. The new version of LocalHelpNow allows users to access resources through one web app, giving them the best opportunity to live a life of fulfillment,” said Jones-Kelley.

ADAMHS partnered with Ascend Innovations to create LocalHelpNow, with input from treatment and prevention providers across Montgomery County. What was learned through this process will be shared with other ADAMHS Boards across Ohio should they choose to implement this technology in their communities.

“Montgomery County ADAMHS is a leader in technology development and data-driven decision- making. Ascend Innovations is honored to bring LocalHelpNow to Montgomery County. We look forward to making a difference in other counties and improving lives in Ohio,” said Josh Gratsch, CEO of Ascend Innovations.

To access LocalHelpNow, click here. Home | LocalHelpNow Montgomery County

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