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$850,000 in HUD grants awarded to boost fair housing in Southwest Ohio

By Zack Frink, Elevate Dayton

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has allocated $850,000 in grants to two organizations in Ohio to enhance fair housing opportunities and tackle discriminatory practices in the area, reports Dayton 24/7 Now.

The Big Picture: HUD has provided $425,000 each to the Miami Valley Fair Housing Center of Dayton and Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Greater Cincinnati.

  • These grants are part of the Fair Housing Initiatives Program and are designed to improve housing accessibility for all residents of Southwest Ohio, irrespective of their race, disability, or background.

What's Next: The grant funds will be used for implementing enforcement measures against biased housing practices, offering support to individuals reentering society after serving time in prison, addressing disparities in homeownership and assessing the effects of environmental hazards on minority communities.

Why It Matters: This financial support emphasizes the government's dedication to ensuring equal housing opportunities and preventing discrimination.

This article originally appeared on Elevate Dayton and republished through its partnership with the Dayton Weekly News.

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