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Dayton recovery plan invests $1.5M in housing and childcare to tackle inequity

By Zack Frink

Two Dayton organizations are receiving investments totaling over $1.5 million from the Dayton Recovery Plan to address housing and childcare needs, with a focus on supporting minority communities, reports the Dayton Business Journal.

Important context: The Dayton Recovery Plan, funded by the American Rescue Plan Act, aims to resolve infrastructure, economic, and equity issues in the city by making data-driven decisions.

This initiative specifically targets communities of color who have faced disproportionate impacts from the pandemic and long-standing economic and social inequities.

How it’s happening: St. Mary Development Corporation will receive $1.5 million to build affordable cottage-style senior apartments and a health clinic space.

Speedie Childcare gets $75,000 to expand access to quality early learning programs and renovate their facility.

What's next: Within six months of completing the Speedie Daycare 2 project, Speedie Childcare expects to increase its client capacity by 50%, leading to more Black and Brown children and families being served.

The bottom line: These investments demonstrate the city's commitment to addressing the needs of communities of color in Dayton, aiming to create a more equitable future for all residents.

This article originally appeared on Elevate Dayton and republished through its partnership with the Dayton Weekly News.

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