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Dayton Realtors' $3.5M green renovation to foster community engagement

By Zack Frink

Dayton Realtors is nearing completion of a $3.5 million renovation project to transform a 40-year-old building into a multi-functional space with environmentally-friendly features, reports the Dayton Business Journal.

Important details: The renovated building will provide more rentable space for the community, along with facilities for educational programs and events.

  • Energy-efficient upgrades aim to save the association up to $15,000 per year in operating costs.

What's next: The building is expected to be completed later this spring or summer, with three floors of offices, classrooms, meeting spaces, and lounge areas.

Zoom in: The renovated space will facilitate community dialogue, town hall meetings, and partnership opportunities with local organizations like Sinclair Community College and Miami Regional Planning.

The bottom line: Dayton Realtors' renovation project highlights its commitment to sustainability, community engagement, and enhancing opportunities for its 3,300 members.

This article originally appeared on Elevate Dayton and republished through its partnership with the Dayton Weekly News.

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