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New photo ID law takes effect as Ohio begins early voting

By Zack Frink, Elevate Dayton

This week, early voting starts for Ohio's May 2 election under new regulations that mandate photo identification for in-person voting, while voting absentee continues to be possible without photo ID, reports the Dayton Daily News.

The Big Picture: The new voting law in Ohio, enacted in January, has introduced substantial modifications to the voting system.

  • Changes include mandating photo ID for in-person voting and making changes to voter registration.

Need to Know: Valid photo IDs for in-person voting consist of unexpired driver's licenses, state ID cards, military IDs, and U.S. passports.

  • Voters are still able to submit absentee ballots by providing only the last four digits of their Social Security number.

Between the Lines: Critics argue that the new law in Ohio is among the most restrictive voting laws nationwide, potentially affecting disadvantaged groups like the homeless, survivors of domestic violence, senior citizens, and LGBTQ+ people.

What's Next: With Ohio State ID cards becoming free for residents over 17 years old starting April 7, organizations such as VoterRiders are stepping up to assist people in obtaining the required identification to vote and in understanding the modifications in the law.

This article originally appeared on Elevate Dayton and republished through its partnership with the Dayton Weekly News.

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